So much for Miley Cyrus leaving music for a while! Music producer Shakur Green recently tweeted that later on this month he goes back in the studio with Nick Jonas and Miley. Of course fans started to jump on him and here is everything that he tweeted.

Returning to studio with Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas on 1/14
Can’t release any addition information about the project other than it’s going to be one of the ope albums of 2011…it’s going to be a double disk duet album!

It is a shame that he let the cat out of the bag and yet I do wonder if that was his plan. Why let it slip if you cannot give more info, though? What do you think about this project? Are you excited and do you think the whole album will be just those two? I don’t know, it would strange if the whole album was just those two, but anything is possible.