Nick Jonas Never Says ‘No’

To watch the NFL Playoffs wherein the Cowboys were beaten by the Packers at Lambeau Field, Nick Jonas recently took a flight from New York and traveled to Wisconsin.

You could argue that the singer placed his bet on two horses in a race, destining him to walk out as a winner. While explaining on “Ralphie Tonight”, Nick revealed that he is a Giants fan. The 22-year-old singer said that as the Giants were out this year, he is supporting the Cowboys.

Although Jonas admitted that he supports divisional opponents, he receives lots of pain and anguish over it.

When you consider Jonas’s family history, you will find out that his loyalty makes sense. Born in Dallas, the youngest Jonas Brother’s family returned back to the place a few years ago. But where does the Packers factor fit into this? Jonas explained that while playing golf in a tournament back in April, he became friends with Aaron Rodgers. Therefore, he should support his friend as well.

He is not the only celebrity to support the Packers due to his friendship with Rodgers. Like Jonas, Brian Baumgartner, who acted in “The Office”, also backs the Packers because of his closeness with Rodgers. Jonas’ interests in football are more complex than the interests of Governor Christie. Still, Jonas believes that an individual’s preferred football team should not affect people’s view of the said person.

Jonas, who has recently performed at Kennedy Awards, is all set to appear in the new James Franco movie. He will also launch another single from the self-titled album “Nick Jonas” later this year.