Nick Jonas has been recently speaking about the dance moves he has been attempting in his new videos. Jonas told MTV he was really excited about the gig. “It’s a great role and I got to get my dance on a little bit, so I’m going to figure that out,” Jonas said. “I did some salsa dancing; just went out and did some salsa dancing, which was a really fun experience and, I think, kind of got me moving a little bit. So I’m feeling a bit more comfortable than I did before and I’m excited to get out there and do the whole Link Larkin thing.”

The youngest Jonas made the rounds in New York City yesterday, first stopping by FOX & Friends, then taking to the small stage for a little serenade. Jonas is in town to promote his Quaker Chewy competition, where the youngest brother will search for the next great superstar (that seems to be a growing trend these days). Contestants between the ages of 8 and 14 can submit videos of themselves singing. The winner receives $5000 and the opportunity to work with Jonas in the studio. “Hopefully I can mentor this person and guide them with what I’ve learned in my journey so far, and I’ll be producing a song for them as well,” Jonas told Billboard Magazine.