Jonas Brothers announce new album

Jonas Brothers, the well known boy band,, are hatching a plan to unveil their brand new album at the end of this year, says Joe Jonas. He has been in the recording studio with brothers Nick and Kevin.

Twenty-two year old Joe told that the group is arranging a brand new material that may release sooner than the fans anticipate. According to reports, recently, Joe told that the album will be unveiled before the end of this year. They have got some scopes this year. One might listen it there only.

This one will be their 1st release since the year 2009 and Joe added that their sound has altered since their old efforts. The tracks have got much more mature lyrics, and as they are getting older, they are really able to speak about other things and each of them has different inspirations. He is happy with the music. He feels like that this is somewhat more back to what it must be. It is more to the roots. This is not much programmed, it is almost organic.

Before appearing at the studio, the Jonas brothers have been taking a rest from each other. Nick Jonas appeared at the How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, a Broadway musical. On the other hand, Kevin has been shooting for a new reality television show called Married to Jonas with his wife Danielle. Joe Jonas kept a lower profile during this time, but came as a guest judge in 2010’s American Idol.