Jonas Brothers’ Lovebug still one of the most cherished

Well, can you sense any VMA related hullabaloo in the air? We are just a day away from the most star studded, brightest, biggest and unforgettable pop music events of the year. And in an attempt to hold the momentum going forward of the main event of Thursday night, we are relishing a slide of the most unforgettable moments of VMA for the past 5 years – like the Most Epic VMA Moment and the Hottest Debut Performance.

In reality, we did not make it quite easy as each of the nominees of the Most Epic Moment have left amazing marks on their storied history of VMA. Well, there was really a clear champ in this battle: the Jonas Brothers performance of the "Lovebug" in the year 2008. The die hard rooters of the boy band have made their voices heard as well as helped the Jonas Brothers take away the award. It is like as if we can really listen to their energetic screams over the unforgettable debut of their track that was performed on Paramount's NYC backlot among packs of screaming fans.

In the 2nd spot, there is one of the most distinguished technical feats in the history of VMA – the aerial acrobatics of Pink put on presentation for her “Sober” performance in the year 2009. The unforgettable risk taker will take the VMA stage for the 4th time as a performer and we really cannot wait to watch what she will do this year. The third spot surely goes to the former Destiny’s Child Beyoncé for her brilliant performance of Love on top as well as the deeply moving, unexpected announcement that came with that.