Jonas Brothers’ fan sues them

A woman from Los Angeles filed a suit against Jonas Brothers saying that she was badly hurt during a fan crush by the band in 2010’s May. A leading entertainment website reported that Ashleigh Johnson stated that she was severely crushed against a security wall by the fans during a free show in the afternoon by a bunch of fans at The Grove in Los Angeles.

According to reports, the lawsuit was actually targeted at Jonas Brothers Enterprises (the corporate organization of the Jonas brothers) and Caruso Management Company, which operates the Grove. Ashleigh Johnson’s lawsuit stated negligence by the band and the venue, stating that both of them knew that a huge group would come at the event. She added that there were no proper security measures at the venue.

In the suit, she said that she endured severe injury to her body and shock to her nervous system after she was jammed against the fence by the fans and more than that, she also suffered a great mental and nervous pain. Till now the Jonas Brothers sis not say anything regarding the matter.

Rob Hoffman, Jonas Brothers’ photographer, has recently attacked US country singer Taylor Swift in a blog. He asked Swift’s fans to realize that she is really not a good role model. He stated that how many break ups is needed to realize that Swift is not at all a good role model unless there is someone who wants to die alone.